Medlabs is a company specialized in the pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and distribution. We have been present on the global market for many years. We develop and produce pharmaceutical quality products for other companies whose haven’t got their own supply base such as laboratories and production lines. One of the main areas of our interest are dietary supplements.
We have been perceiving nutritional and supplements market as a related trade. Our team is really impressed by how this trade has
taken a step forward within a few years. We realize that it takes a very
long time to make a progress in a pharmacy. It is also related to the
products intended to supplement the diet. Unfortunately, there will
always be ‘black sheeps’ in an every kind of trade. Many companies offering low quality products in high prices. They mainly beneft from
marketing supply base.

Our company is created by people and we just owe to them that in
recent times we have achieved a high position in the market. The
company’s mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products that meet strict sanitary standards. It’s possible due to our own scientifc base, regular examinations and tests conducted in our laboratories under the supervision of qualifed staff. In our company, the priority will always be the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, the Medlabs’slogan “Our knowledge, your passion” is not just an empty



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